Pathways FAQs

Can Avalon College help students find a place in an Australian school?

Yes. We will talk with you about what type of school you are wanting and suggest the best options. We can find out if there is a place available at that school and arrange for a tour and interview with the Admissions staff.

If I graduate from Avalon College can I automatically go to an Australian school?

No. To be accepted into an Australian school you must enrol directly to that school. They will make a decision whether or not to accept a student. However, as Avalon College has excellent relationships with the top schools in Australia it can be advantageous to be studying at Avalon College when applying for a top Australian school.

How does Avalon College help my child prepare for his/her Australian school?

There are many things we do to help prepare our students for their Australian school. Firstly Avalon College is run in the same way as the best Australian schools. So when our students complete their studies at Avalon College they will know what is expected in terms of behaviour and academic effort in their Australian school. We run seminars on key topics such as "How to make friends with Australian students", "What to do when you start at your school" and "What to do if you are bullied at school?"

We also have a transition program where we take students to their Australian school for an orientation interview and visit. We can help with choosing subjects and arranging booklists and uniforms.