Friday 8 September  2017 - Sunday 10 September 2017

Friday afternoon students had an Incursion at Avalon College 'Responsible Pet Ownership' where Snowy the Dalmation came to visit our students to get practical hands on tips and information on what to do and how to approach dogs to be safe around animals you don't know. Our students very much enjoyed interacting with lovely Snowy.

Friday night students enjoyed a night out at The Geelong College watching the 'Foundation Concert' performance. 

Saturday students travelled to Melbourne to do a spot of shopping and have lunch at Melbourne Central followed by an afternoon at ACMI - Australian Centre for Moving Image Museum.

Sunday students enjoyed a relaxing day at the movies followed by the Staff Vs Students soccer rematch, this time the students coming away with the win.

Friday 11 August 2017 - Sunday 13 August  2017

Friday Night students went out to the Corio Leisure Centre to play Badminton and Basketball.

Saturday students travelled to Melbourne to one of their favourite shopping centres 'Chadstone'.

Sunday students enjoyed a very active afternoon of Rock Climbing and Supatramp.