Learning FAQs

What is the timetable for classes?

The timetable changes each week according to a range of factors. Click here for a sample timetable.

Do students keep learning mathematics and science?

While students are at Avalon College they attend classes in mathematics and science. However, in these classes we are teaching students the English to understand mathematics and science. In the mathematics class students do a lot of word problems. In the science class there is a focus on developing the vocabulary of science. We do not teach a mainstream school type of mathematics or science curriculum.

What do you do about the fact that students are missing their Australian classes while they are studying at Avalon College?

Getting ready to study in an Australian school is a process. The first stage is developing English language skills to an appropriate level. The second stage is moving to an Australian school and starting in mainstream classes. If students do not successfully complete stage one of the process then they will not be able to succeed in stage two. Consequently while students are studying at Avalon College their focus needs to be on developing their English skills. Once their skills are strong they are ready for their Australian classes. However in special circumstances some schools ask that their students begin working on tasks in preparation for moving to their Australian classes while they are still studying at Avalon College. We work closely with these schools and provide support for students as they work through these tasks.

Do students use computers in their classes?

Generally speaking students do not use computers in classes. The important focus is on students writing neatly and clearly and on using correct grammar and spelling. Using a computer with spelling and grammar checks can make students lazy and hold back their learning. When we do use computers in classes it is for research purposes or for using specialised programs to practise specific skills such as grammar skills.

How many teachers do you have?

We have a different number of teachers at different times during the year according to the number of classes we are running. Our teachers are lead by our Director of Studies who is assisted by our Assistant Director of Studies.

How do you ensure that students speak English?

We begin the process of encouraging students to speak English from the moment they arrive at Avalon College. In the orientation program we talk to students about the importance of speaking English and how it needs to be something to which they commit themselves. We make it very clear that speaking English everyday is an important part of their learning and skill development. We also explain that students who do not speak English are given a detention to do which takes place in their free time. If a student continues to speak their own language instead of English we counsel them and write to their parents so that their parents can also encourage them.

Does my child need to bring a bilingual dictionary?

We encourage all students to bring a good quality bilingual dictionary.