At Avalon College we do as much as possible to make it easy to send your child to study with us. For example, you do not need to prepare bed linen as we will provide it for you. We will manage your child's pocket money and will give your child an agreed amount each week for personal shopping. Your child can bring their laptop computer and use our internet services (no charge).


All students at Avalon College are required to wear school uniform to their classes. In order to minimise expense we ask that students bring black or dark coloured school pants, shorts or skirts and black or brown leather shoes. For students undertaking a School Preparation Courses we provide 3 white school shirts and an Avalon College tie. Holiday Program students bring their own white shirts and we provide an Avalon College tie.

Click here to view items which are suitable for school pants, shorts, skirts and shoes.

Clothes labelling and laundry service

At Avalon College we have a professional laundry service which launders students' clothes twice a week. For this service to operate we must ensure that all student bring their clothes fully labelled.