All students studying at Avalon College are required by Australian government law to have a guardian. We require that the guardian is a responsible adult, the guardian must  be over 25 years of age, live in Victoria, be able to communicate fluently in English and able to be contacted at all times.

If the guardian is not a direct blood relative, he or she must have a current Working With Children Check, available from the post office or online at

The guardian must be able to accommodate students in his or her house at short notice

· On weekend exeats

· When students are ill and unable to attend school or need to attend medical or dental appointments.

· When students are suspended from school for misbehaviour

The guardian needs to inform Avalon College before he or she leaves Victoria or Australia and Avalon College will assume guardianship for the period the guardians are absent from the state or Australia.

It is a government requirement that guardians must undertake a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and provide a copy of their WWCC card to Avalon College before the student's commencement. Further information on the WWCC can be found here.

Avalon College Guardianship Service

Avalon College offers a guardianship service for those students who do not have contacts in Australia. The guardianship service covers the following areas:

  1. Acceptance of responsibility for the emotional, social and academic welfare of the child.
  2. Full support for any medical issues, arranging medical appointments, accompanying the child to the appointment and regular visits if the child is hospitalised.
  3. Detailed, honest and prompt communications with parents over matters of concern in any areas.
  4. Travel arrangements.
  5. Assistance with setting up bank accounts.
  6. Assistance with subject choices and completion of school forms and book-lists prior to entry into an Australian school.

Click here for further information on the Avalon College Guardianship Service