Enrolment FAQs

How long does it take to enrol to Avalon College?

We will always respond within 24 hours to an Application for Enrolment. The whole process can be finished very quickly (24 to 48 hours) if parents provide the required documents and payments promptly.

Do I have to use an agent to enrol to Avalon College?

No, you do not have to use an agent to enrol to Avalon College. If you wish to come to Avalon College without using an agent please complete an online enrolment or download an Application for Enrolment form, complete and email it to our office.

Do I need to have a guardian if I am over 18 years old?

It is an Australian government rule that all students under 18 years must have a legal guardian. At Avalon College we require students who have already turned 18 to also have a legal guardian.

What is the best time/day for my student to arrive at Avalon College?

Most students will arrive for their orientation interview on Monday of their first week. Our office will contact you regarding the time of that interview. Occasionally students will arrive on other days during the week. We are happy to make appointments for orientation interviews on any days from Monday to Friday.

What is the best time/day for my student to depart from Avalon College?

If students are using the Avalon College airport transfer service they should depart on the Friday of their last week. Alternatively if the students wish to be a part of the weekend program on their final weekend they may depart on the Monday.

If guardians are collecting students this can be done over the weekend and can be arranged through our office.

What is the minimum number of weeks I can enrol my student for?

A minimum enrolment at Avalon College is for four weeks.