Parents or guardians sometimes wish to take their child out of Avalon College for the weekend, or on one day over the weekend. This is called a Student Exeat.

Avalon College has a careful procedure for student exeats, which ensures that students are under the care and protection of parents and guardians when they are away on the weekend.


If you would like your child to leave Avalon College for the weekend, both you and your child need to do the following;

Student Procedure

  • Apply for leave on Boardingware by 9:00pm Tuesday evening
  • Arrange for your guardian or parents to approve leave on Boardingware by 9:00pm Wednesday evening

Parent Guardian Procedure

Parents/Guardians must approve leave request or apply for student leave on Boardingware by 9:00pm Wedensday evening with the following information;

  • where the student is going
  • how they will get there
  • how and what time will they will return.

If the parents/guardians have not approved or applied for the student leave on Boardingware before Wednesday 9:00pm the student will not be able to go on the exeat.

Avalon College as Guardian

If Avalon College is guardian, the student must speak to the Head of School or Head of Boarding to get their permission to exeat for the weekend. When Avalon College is guardian for a student then the rules are as follows.

  • Students can meet with the Head of School or Head of Boarding and request to go on a day exeat shopping in Geelong, not Melbourne.
  • Students cannot go on overnight exeats.