student testimonials

Hello everyone I’m Kristanna, I want to thank my teachers, I’m glad to be your student. Although we always have a lot of homework, I still really enjoy during the class time. Thanks all the boarding staffs, I can share my secrets with you and I like talk with you. I also make a lot of friends in Avalon College. I want to say thanks for all Avalon’s students, we spent 24 hours a day in the same place in last 10 weeks, you all know every side of me. All in all Avalon College like a big family, I like this school very much. I finished my studies and ready for high school, I wish all old students who are my friends and new students who I never met before have a lovely time here like me.

When I stay in Avalon I have a good time, I have a lot of fun with my friends. I learn a lot of things from here and I want thank Avalon for giving me a chance to study here, Avalon take good care of me you are very kind and have the best teachers thank you.

Hello everyone, I am Irina. I stayed in Avalon for 17 weeks. This 4 months changed me a lot to be honest, it’s really difficult to study and live in another country. During the early stage, I was too shy to speak English in the class or in front of everyone, and very afraid of making mistakes. Fortunately, all the teachers and my classmates helped me a lot. Thank you Teachers. You not only teach me knowledge in academic but also about the life in Australia, which makes me have a much easier life in Avalon. For me, the most unforgettable thing in Avalon is all of my friends. Our friendship is much heavier than a couple of the words.

As you know when I first came to here my head was shaved by my mum, everyday many students would stroked my hair. Do not get the wrong idea, this was a chance to make friends, and next day I did not hesitate to communicate with the other students. As time went on I made a lot of friends without myself noticing. During this time I steadily acquired a lot of knowledge’s particularly my grammar that I attributed my successful to passionate teachers who taught me mainly. I was having difficulty writing an essay which was grammar. My teacher motivated me to work hard and advised me so thank you. Every meeting ends in parting so hopefully I want to see you again in the future. I sincerely appreciate it.

When I first came here, I got homesick but the principal teacher, staff helped me in this period of transition. I really appreciate they helped me and inspired me become more adaptable really it let my mind stronger. And I want to say thank you to every teacher who taught me in these 20 weeks you improved my English a lot and I know how to study English now. I had lots of activities here, taught me many kinds of Australian sports that will help me when I study in high school. And I will never forget Mr AJ’s food, he always make lots of delicious food, and I always eat a lot, and it makes me stronger, thank you. I love my life in Avalon. I love every day, every morning’s sun, simple white walls and comfortable beds were my best experience here. Goodbye everyone and good bye, my dear Avalon.

Good afternoon everyone the time passed so fast. I feel like everything just happened yesterday. I remember the first day when I came to this lovely lovely place with smiles and sunshine. Avalon College is a place that not only can improve our English but also full of humors. I love my class because it can brings a lot of fun to let us release our pressure. It can teach us how to give clear structures and fascinating ideas in our essay. Also I want thanks Ms Kay who will always find me and discuss with me about my study also helps me know how to have a good personality. Mr Hoban I admire that you have an excellent group of teachers, Thank You.