The most important job we do at Avalon College is care for our students. When our students are happy and healthy they learn well in class and their English skills develop quickly.

Living at Avalon College is like being part of a large family. Students make strong friendships and share many new experiences together in this comfortable environment. A number of Avalon College staff also live at the school with their families.

We look after our students' health and wellbeing in many ways:

  • A safe and caring environment where students feel respected and welcomed
  • Close supervision by experienced and trained boarding house staff
  • Clear and well established boundaries and expectations of behaviour
  • A warm welcome and an orientation program for new students
  • Healthy food and a balanced diet
  • Assistance when dealing with issues like homesickness
  • Regular exercise in our afterschool program
  • First aid trained staff
  • Access to a full range of doctors, medical and dental services
  • Regular contact between Avalon College and parents, agents and guardians

An important part of boarding at Avalon College is students developing independence. We teach students how to make their own beds and keep their bedrooms tidy. They learn to be responsible for their belongings and their behaviour.