Boarding FAQs

What is the program for afterschool and on weekends?

At Avalon College we have a full program of activities each weekday afterschool and on weekends. Look under 'activities' for more information or click here.

Do students have to do their own laundry?

No. At Avalon College we do personal laundry for students twice a week. Students need to make sure their clothes are fully labelled before they arrive.

What do we need to bring?

Please download a flyer on 'preparing your child'.


Do we need to bring our own bed linen?

Avalon College provides all bed linen for students. Each bed has a pillow and doona. Students can ask Housekeeping for extra blankets if they are cold at night.

How many students are there in one bedroom?

There are several different types of bedrooms at Avalon College. Some bedrooms are shared by two students and have their own bathroom. Other bedrooms have three or four beds. The bathrooms for these students are across the hallway.

Are the boys and girls in separate areas?

Yes. There is a boys' boarding area and a separate girls' area. Boys may not visit the girls' area and girls may not visit the boys' area. At night we have a security system around the two separate areas and around all the buildings.

What do students do in their free time?

There is a wide variety of things for students to do at Avalon College in their free time. They can play sports such as basketball, tennis, snooker and table tennis or use the internet, watch television or read a book. Some students will walk along the beach track and others will play cards or other games. On the weekends and after school students can help our chef make afternoon tea or practise the piano or their other musical instruments. Many students simply enjoy hanging out with their friends.

Are students allowed to bring their own computers?

Yes. Students may be bring their own computers and use our wireless internet service. 

Do students have somewhere to lock away their valuables?

Avalon College is like a large extended family. As such, students do not have a lockable cupboard as we trust and respect each other. On arrival we collect any money which the parents have given to their children as pocket money and keep this in our safe. Each Friday morning students may collect their pocket money from a staff member.

Should students bring a mobile phone?

Students are welcome to bring their own mobile phone and use it in their free time. Alternatively there are wall phones that the students can use to receive or make calls. Students can purchase phone cards to be used with these phones from the office.

What happens if a student becomes ill or injured?

All the Avalon College boarding house staff are first aid trained, so if a student is injured or unwell they will assess the student. If the student requires urgent medical attention an ambulance will be called or the student will be taken to the local doctor's clinic or the Geelong Hospital immediately by Avalon College staff. If the matter is not urgent but still requires medical attention an appointment will be made at the local doctor's clinic and the guardian will be notified. If Avalon College is acting as guardian, Avalon College staff will take the student to the doctors. However, if there is an external guardian we will call the guardian and give them the choice of taking the student to the doctor themselves or arranging for Avalon College staff to perform this duty (extra fees apply). The family and the guardian will also be kept informed if their child is unwell or injured.

What do you do if a student is homesick?

Most students feel some degree of homesickness when they arrive at Avalon College and as they adjust to their new environment. We assist students with this adjustment by ensuring they get a warm welcome from staff and students, arranging a buddy to help them and by keeping them busy so they don't have time to think about their homesickness. We also keep parents and guardian informed about how their child is progressing and coping with the adjustment period.

Can our child have a homestay placement?

No. Avalon College only accepts students as full boarders so that all students experience the benefits of living and learning in this environment.

Can my child bring along handheld games?

Students are welcome to bring their handheld games with them. We do monitor the amount of time a student spends both on computers and handheld games to ensure that they are using these within reasonable limits.

How much pocket money do you recommend our child brings with them?

We recommend that students have no more than $50.00 per week pocket money to cover their sundry expenses for personal items and snacks. All other costs are covered by the fees which parents pay prior to the student arriving at Avalon College.