Activities FAQs

Are the students supervised while they are doing the activities?

All activities are supervised by Avalon College staff and this includes supervision of weekend activities.

How do students get to the activities?

Students travel with Avalon College staff on private buses organised by Avalon College (no extra fees).

Do students have to pay for these activities?

Students do not pay for activities each week. The costs are covered by the weekly fees which parents pay prior to the student arriving at Avalon College.

Do students do activities every weekend?

Yes, there are organised activities every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. These activities are compulsory and varied and may include shopping at Chadstone (the largest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere), going to the movies, visiting a wildlife park, sightseeing along the Great Ocean Road, having a BBQ, or going to an outdoor performance.

Do all students have to go camping?

We encourage all students to go camping at least once. Usually this is on the first time camping is organised after they arrive at Avalon College. It is important that students have this experience because Australian students all go camping as part of their school program.

Do students have free time to shop in Melbourne?

Shopping in Melbourne is one of the activities we do on the weekends. There are some areas that we do not allow students to go to and students must stay in groups when they are shopping. They also meet an Avalon College staff member regularly and can call an Avalon College mobile phone number if they need any emergency help.