Avalon College's Holiday Program combines serious English learning with a fun and exciting activities and cultural program. We want students attending the Holiday Program to go home having significantly improved in their English skills and so the students attend classes every weekday from 9.00am to 3.30pm. Like our School Preparation Course students, they do homework each week night and speak English every day, except for between 5.00pm and 6.00pm when everyone may speak their own language.

After classes have finished students on our Holiday Program join with our other students and are involved in a wide range of activities, some of which they may never have tried before. They may learn how to play uniquely Australian sports like Australian Rules football and netball. They may meet Australian animals, visit Melbourne and Geelong and go sightseeing along the Great Ocean Road or in the Australian bush. Other activities may include visits to the movies, indoor rock climbing, roller blading, indoor tennis or some classes in hip hop dancing.

Students on the Avalon College Holiday Program are guaranteed to have some fantastic experiences while at the same time developing their English skills and their confidence in speaking English.

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