Weekday schedule

Each weekday students follow a set schedule as shown below:

7:30am Breakfast 1
7:50am Breakfast 2 - after breakfast, tidy bedroom, make bed and prepare for the day
8:50am Assemble on Basketball Court
9:00am Classes start (period 1)
10:40am Morning Break
11:10am Class (period 3)
1:00pm Lunch 1
1:20pm Lunch 2
1:50pm Class (period 5)
3:30pm Classes end - collect devices
4:00pm Activities (Mon-Thurs) Friday – free time
5:00pm Free Time
6:00pm Dinner 1 
6:20pm Dinner 2 - After dinner – free time, prepare for homework
7:00pm Homework starts
8:45pm Homework ends
9:15pm Prepare for bed
9:30pm Hand in Devices
9:45pm Lights out




 Weekend schedule

On Friday night, Saturday and Sunday the schedule is more relaxed. Students have the opportunity to sleep in and to enjoy a later bedtime. The actual schedule for each weekend varies according the activities that are taking place. For more information on the schedule for a specific weekend please contact our Head of Boarding.

 Email: admin@avaloncollege.vic.edu.au